about Babeeluv

Encouraging and Empowering mothers from birth to beyond

BabeeLuv started when my daughter was about 3 months old. She had colic, was lactose intolerant and her days and nights were switched around. I started looking for affordable and ergonomic carriers in South Africa, because who on earth can hold a baby for 15 plus hours a day, in her arms, every single day???

At that time I could not find anything that fit our budget. We just arrived back from abroad, I did not have a job, and hubby only had a part-time job. So, I started looking up patterns for a baby wrap, went to the nearest fabric store, and got what I thought was a good fabric (it wasn’t perfect, but it worked). I then cut out the piece of material (the tatters from the fraying material was still hanging all over), put her in the wrap, and she SLEPT…for two and a half hours STRAIGHT!!!! I honestly could not believe it. This was a baby who slept max 27 minutes when I put her down.

As she started sleeping better, she also nursed better, and slept better at night; my confidence as a mother grew. I could trust my instincts, those instincts I ignored because other people told me different to what I felt we needed. There is nothing more humbling than having a newborn at home. You doubt yourself so much. People tell you to put her down, to not nurse her so often (at the same time asking me if my milk is nutritious enough), to put her in her own bed, to not pick her up when she cries, and the list goes on and on….

But you see…all a newborn needs is their mother, her closeness, her touch, her smell, and her heartbeat because that is all that baby has known, since conception. They have also not known hunger, thirst, heat, cold, rough touch, loud noise, different smells, or bright lights. Having her close to me gave her comfort and security. Through the gentle rocking that she knew from the womb, and hearing her momma’s heartbeat, she fell asleep without crying…WOW!!!

Then, person after person started seeing her in the wrap, wanting one for themselves, their wife, their daughter, a friend, a sister, etc. And the business started.

When I thought about a name for my business, I just knew it had to be a name that I can use for whatever product I sell. It was easy…my mom used to call me her “baby love” when I was little. So, BabeeLuv was “born”.

It has now grown from just a wrap sold in Bloemfontein, to the perfect Stretchy Wrap, Budget Carrier as well as Hybrid & Toddler Carriers being shipped all over SA and also abroad. Gatherings as a breastfeeding counsellor and babywearing awareness talks are also regularly held. Overall, BabeeLuv empowers and encourages mommas, to be the best mom possible.