Close to your heart is where they want to be

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You see…all a newborn needs is his or her mother, her closeness, her touch, her smell, and her heartbeat because that is all that baby has known, since conception. They have also not known hunger, thirst, heat, cold, rough touch, loud noise, different smells, or bright lights.

Having my baby close to me gave her comfort and security. Through the gentle rocking that she knew from the womb, and hearing her momma’s heartbeat, she fell asleep without crying…WOW!


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why babywearing is important

Babywearing helps your baby cry less.
In a study published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers found that babywearing for 3 hours a day, reduces crying by 43% overall and 54% during evening hours.

It gives you your hands back.
Using your wrap or babycarrier frees your hands so you can get things done. Making early parenting, a.k.a The Fourth trimester, more manageable.
ONE baby, ONE carrier, TWO hands.

It is good for breastfeeding.
You can breastfeed on the go. Helping with the supply and demand need of breastfeeding. Fun fact, mothers who babywear are twice as likely to breastfeed.

It can help with reflux.
Nearly half of all babies experience reflux during the first 12weeks. Keeping baby upright in carrier 30-40 minutes after a feed, can ease the discomfort of reflux.

It’s weight bearing excercise.
Going for a daily walk with your baby in carrier, can help you maintain a healthy weight.

It makes getting around a whole lot easier.
Navigating through crowds, shopping or while travelling, with free hands creates beautiful freedom.

And lastly, and very important to me, it is great for bonding.
Many studies corroborate that human touch has multiple health benefits, and is an essential tool in human development, bonding, happiness and overall.

Read what Dr Sears has to say about Attachment Parenting and the benefits of Baby Wearing.